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Clubhouse Peconic Lake
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Road Cleanup May 18th 9am for quick breakfast before cleanup.

PLECO is a community civic organization in the beautiful Peconic Estuary. According to the Nature Conservancy, this is an "area valued for it's distinctive ecology and significant wildlife habitats." "The Peconic Estuary and its watershed have been identified as one of The Nature Conservancy's "Last Great Places" in the western hemisphere." The estuary provides feeding habitat as well as spawning and nursery grounds to a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial species. Shellfish, such as bay scallops, hard clams,fish, bay anchovies. Atlantic silversides, summer flounders, and weakfish are some of the many species that utilize the Peconic Estuary."

Peconic Lake Estates is a beautiful area in Calverton, NY along the Peconic River.

First and foremost, PLECO is a neighborhood organization promoting the spirit of
"good neighborliness."

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