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Order your Emergency Address Placard
As you know, our address numbering system is not consistent (To say the least.) making it difficult for visitors and emergency vehicles to find our homes.
PLECO is selling address placards at a great price.
The placards are very visible both day and night.
Order now before an emergency strikes.
Order form
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Superstorm Sandy struck Long Island in October of 2012.
Peconic Lake Estates had down trees
and wires, and were without power
for only 1 week.
Other parts of Long Island were not as lucky.

Peconic Estuary, PLECO and the DEC
held a Ludwigia pull on
Peconic Lake on July 12,2012. 
The event was successful
but the Ludwigia still a problem.

DEC Access Site There is discussion of upgrading the
DEC South River Road Access site from 10 parking spots to 15 spots. Included in the 5 new spots is a disability accessible spot. To view the plans, Click here.

Kiosk Watch for more information on the new PLECO kiosk. 

Road work Roadwork began on South River Road in late October.    Hopefully, it will be paved soon! 
Road work